Wood for Packaging (ISPM15 Certified)

Wood for Packaging ISPM15



  • For a safe transportation of commodities in foreign countries, we offer wood for packaging, free of parasites and other pests, in accordance with International Phytosanitary Regulations ISPM15;
  • The wood for packaging is dried, surfaced four sides (S4S) and treated in accordance with the legislation in force;
  • The high quality of our wood products for packaging is guaranteed by a Phytosanitary Certification offered at acquisition.
wood for package ISPM15 certified

To avoid transportation of wood pests in foreign countries, other than the homeland, in the wood packages, the World Trade Organization (WTO) issued the ISPM15 norms which prohibits the use of packages made of woods with no timber treatments or no Phytosanitary certificate;

Before entering into a foreign country, the wood packages are verified at customs to check if they comply or not. In such a case, the customs authority may require repackaging the products to comply, otherwise it may send the merchandise back.

Timber specific treatments:

• DB: Debarked
• HT: Heat Treated
• MB: Methyl Bromide