Manufacturer & Exporter of Premium Sawn Timber
Renowned on the Middle East Market

WhiteWOOD is a renowned timber manufacturer of best quality, by using modern technologies and effective solutions to maintain the wood properties for longer periods of time.

The major products provided by our company are sawn timber and beams for construction, offered in a wide variety:

  • Beech Sawn Timber “Fagus sylvatica”;
  • Spruce Sawn Timber “Picea Abies”;
  • Fir Sawn Timber “Abies”;
  • Ash Sawn Timber “Fraxinus”.

Since 1996, we have been working in the wood processing and wood harvesting business. Our products are well-known for their high level of quality at an excellent price, both domestically and internationally.

The work of our team is supported by the fact that we are located in a county rich with coniferous forests, and a recognized tradition in wood processing.

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Sawn Timber: Best Romanian Quality

We offer Sawn Timber for our Clients in:
Jordan, Pakistan, India, UAE, Iran
by providing Best Quality at Competitive Prices

Export Countries WhiteWood

Destinations countries for the WhiteWOOD Timber

Storage & Logistic
Constanta Seaport, Romania

Professional Container Filler

Professional Loading: Container Filler

  • Wood treatment for long-term protection against rotting and insects attack with various substances: antifungal, insecticides (Tanalith treatment);
  • Kiln Drying & Air Drying;
  • Multiple operations: checking, sorting, painting and marking timber;
  • Packaging;
  • Professional Loading of timber in container with specialized equipment: Container Filler:
    • Load up to 60 square meters of cargo, in 10 minutes, full safety;
    • Take up to 84% of the available space with an optimal distribution of the cargo in the container;
    • Loading Service Certified by TÜV AUSTRIA.