Softwood Sawn Timber and Hardwood Sawn Timber between Consumption and Rational Exploitation during Covid-19 Pandemic

Softwood Sawn Timber and Hardwood Sawn Timber between Consumption and Rational Exploitation during Covid-19 Pandemic


The Creative Will of Divine origin did not want to let people on Earth without this noble and immortal material: the wood, truly fascinating by its many attributes, which allowed it to be used in so many ways, during several millennia of human civilization, from the simplest household tool of the prehistoric man, to the multiple applications in construction and unique art objects.

Wood is both a material with a rich cultural significance, and also, an unmatched raw material, even in our modern times that are characterized by innovation and modern technologies, as the wood has never been replaced by any newly created material, being further one of the most human-friendly materials that brings comfort and a special touché to the houses where it has been used.

But wood is not just a raw material in construction; the forest where it comes from is in essence, support of the life itself, by its ability to regenerate and rebalance the oxygen and humidity on Earth. Therefore, man must be aware of the importance of wood in the equation of life, being necessary to use it in a way that allows sustainable development for both the man and the nature of which is part of. In this regard, new solutions are looked for and developed to save using wood in adjacent areas of lesser importance, such as construction shuttering, and also by replacing firewood with other materials such as sawdust pellets for heating stoves and fireplaces. Further, advanced digital systems have been developed to track wood in order to stop irrational and abusive wood exploitation, such as the SUMAL project (Sistemul Informaţional Integrat de Urmărire a Materialelor Lemnoase – Integrated Information System for Tracking Wood Materials) in Romania, which allows, among other things, real-time tracking of forest exploitation and wood traceability.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought a considerable brake on economic development internationally, in almost every sector of activity. However, wood is a material that is constantly traded. Hardwood sawn timber such as beech, ash or oak are still at height demand for real estate projects with high levels of refinements, for its long-lasting durability, that makes it an ideal material for structural architecture and most avant-garde interior design projects. Softwood swan timber (fir, spruce, pine) has also registered an unexpected increase during pandemic in construction, but also in the funeral services sector, which unfortunately, was more active than usual in this period of sadness, because, as Lucian Blaga used to say referring to the trunk of a tree: “I listen how the coffin grows into your body, my coffin”, in his poem Gorunul.

Our company Whitewood SRL ( is actively involved in trading both hardwood sawn timber and softwood sawn timber, with controlled origin, at highest quality standards. We provide both softwood sawn timber (spruce), grade A, S4S (planned), kiln-dried, with 10-14% humidity, an ideal material for fine carpentry, furniture and decorations, but also dimensioned spruce timber, grade A, rough, kiln-dried, air-dried, with 10-24% humidity, recommended for structures, construction and regular carpentry. In addition to softwood sawn timber, our company provides also hardwood sawn timber, like beech and ash. Beech sawn timber is available in many standard sizes, A grade, with square edge, rough, kiln-dried, air-dried, but also sawn beech of A/B grade with square edge, rough, kiln-dried, air-dried. We also provide ash sawn timber of A grade, planned and kiln-dried that is used mainly in construction, furniture and structures, and ash sawn timber of A grade, rough, kiln-dried, ideal for furniture workshops and curved items.

Our operational timber warehouse provided by Container Filler, in Constanța harbour at Black Sea, Romania, provides excellent storage properties for maintaining wood quality and modern methods of timber loading in standard ISO containers of 20, 40, 45, 48 and 53 ft., the timber being immediately available for shipping in every part of the world.

Our expertise of more than 24 years in timber manufacturing and trading recommends us to be the best choice for establishing a long-term partnership for providing best quality products of softwood sawn timber and hardwood sawn timber at the most competitive prices. Our commitment to fulfil orders in time, and our transparent policy regarding the origin and the quality of timber that we provide, are an excellent foundation for building business relationships based on trust and respect for our customers.